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The Wind Can’t Defeat a Tree with Strong Roots.

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The Wind Can’t Defeat a Tree with Strong Roots.

What is the objective of this website?


I lost my rock. The death of my mother in 2017 had a profound effect. She was always there for me.  Whenever something happened in my life, she was whom I wanted to tell. She was the best listener. She gave me full attention; nothing could distract her. Mom once told me that she enjoyed when I would come home from Ohio State and sit in the kitchen and tell her about my studies. She said, “I frequently didn’t understand what you talked about, but I loved your excitement.”

Mom was also the proverbial library that disappeared when she died. She had an uncanny knack of remembering names, events, and relationships. She knew my father’s relative’s names better than he did.

I started wondering what would happen to all the genealogy data I had collected over the years. What would happen to my memories and my stories. I thought, what do I want to pass on to my family and to my descendants.

Last winter, I organized my data and wrote up family histories on each of my 16 great-great, grandparents. This winter I created this website and started putting down my stories in print. It still needs lots of editing.

March 2020

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